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The Sixsmiths

Modern Myths review of Sixsmiths vol.01

The kind folks at Modern Myths have read and reviewed vol.01.  If you like lots of good jokes at the expense of the ‘burbs and don’t mind a little adult content while you get them, tryThe Sixsmiths. If you’ve spent time as an outsider and are occasionally inclined to ponder the experience, do try The Sixsmiths.  […]

More where that came from

Pssst! Want to see a scomplete page from Bobby N’s chapter of the new book? Might be he’s posted one over on his blog. Shhh! Bobby’s chapter, for those who are curious, is called ‘Daily Bread’.

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Bobby N.

We have been stoking the fires of perdition, O wicked followers, and lo: a new voice amongst the Legion. Please praise and venerate Bobby N., our new brother in Darkness! Bobby’s Digested, which is one of Australia’s best-known and most-admired independent comics (now published by Gestalt). He’s also the author of the much-reprinted comics novella […]

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Luke Pickett

Jabberwocks and Jackalopes, I have another artist announcement for Sixsmiths Volume 2: Lugubrious Luke Pickett! I have known Luke for many years and over that time he’s become one of my favourite and most versatile collaborators. Luke has illustrated stories for me in Kagemono, Beginnings Anthology and McBlack, and he has served as colourist many […]

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Anton McKay

Fiends and reprobates, it is time for me to introduce another of the feature artists for The Sixsmiths volume 2: Anton “Lavey” McKay! Anton’s comics work first came to my attention in Gestalt Comics FLINCH anthology, which featured two stories illustrated by Anton: one that he wrote himself, and a second written by Ray Fawkes. […]