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Volume 2 Art Lineup: Bobby N.

We have been stoking the fires of perdition, O wicked followers, and lo: a new voice amongst the Legion.

Please praise and venerate Bobby N., our new brother in Darkness!

Bobby’s Digested, which is one of Australia’s best-known and most-admired independent comics (now published by Gestalt). He’s also the author of the much-reprinted comics novella Withheld. Last year Milk Shadow Books published a collection of his early works called No Map, But Not Lost.

Here’s a sample of his work for Sixsmiths vol.02:

Dennis at work by Bobby N.

This is not the first time I have worked with Bobby: we did a short piece together for Kagemono called Feeding the Goldfish, which completists among you can also find reprinted in No Map and in my own early work collection, Ungenred.

Welcome aboard, Bobby! It is a great pleasure to have you among us.

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