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The Sixsmiths

The Sixsmiths Volume 1

THE SIXSMITHS are a family of suburban Satanists who’ve fallen prey to the global recession. Now their life is in turmoil: Ralf needs to find a new job; the twins, Cain and Lilith, need to survive the public school system; Annie needs to keep them all sane and under budget. Will the Devil rise to smite their enemies, or will he damn them with hellfire and wrath?


Written by Jason Franks, illustrated by J. Marc Schmidt, cover by Jase Harper. B&W 168 pages.

“Blazing a new trail into heavy-duty social satire.” — Jesse Karp

“One of the breakthrough graphic novels coming from a new age of Australian comics.” — Julie Ditrich (author of Elf~Fin)

“… a fun read that doesn’t take itself too seriously… how no matter what religion we happen to follow, we all are pretty much the same underneath.” — Ain’t It Cool News

Published by Caliber Comics 2015. Originally published by Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics 2010.

The Sixsmiths Volume 2

The Sixsmiths are a family of suburban Satanists recovering from the global recession. Their eldest daughter, Jezabelle, has returned to the fold with a frightening amount of zeal. Meanwhile, recently converted Dennis O’Dowell finds that adapting a new faith has not made him as cool as he had hoped. But when the church burns down, the whole community is embroiled in a crisis. What hidden enemy has brought them low? Or is the Dark Lord punishing them for their weakness?


Written by Jason Franks and illustrated by Dean Rankine, Bruce Mutard, Jase Harper, Sacha Bryning, Sarah Howell, Anton McKay, Aly Faye, Gregory MacKay, Trevor Wood, Luke Pickett, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Tim McEwen, Bobby N, Ed Siemienkowicz and Jason Franks. Cover by Jase Harper.

“There’s been a lot written about the banality of evil. And evil doesn’t get much more banal than the Sixsmiths, a hardworking, loving middle class family who happen to worship the Dark Lord. Hilarious, profane, and even moving, the Sixsmiths is a book you should be reading. Or Lucifer will reap your soul.” — Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Spread)

“Plenty of great gags… and fun ideas and scenarios, as well as some ambitious world-building going on.” — Australian Comics Journal

Published by Caliber Comics 2015.

B&W 158 pages.



The Sixsmiths One Shot

$1 One-shot San Diego Comicon special (July 2010) featuring

Featuring 21 Sixsmiths short stories by Jason Franks, J. Marc Schmidt, and Jen Breach.
(out of print)



WHITEFACE McBLACK used to be a private dick, but he gave it up in order to pursue on his true calling: murder, sabotage, theft and arson. So, when the Killer Dame asks him to help her find her rotten ex-husband, he’s reluctant to take the case.

Written and pencilled by Jason Franks, with Inks by Dave Gutierrez, cover by Ron Salas. 84 pages, B&W interiors.

Lady McBlack #1

At the behest of her three sisters, McBlack investigates the murder of Lila Bodicker by the Western Reapers, a mixed municipal soccer team. But whoever killed Lila does not want the Bodicker sisters to find out what really happened and before long McBlack himself is being hunted in the streets. Part 1 of 3.

Written and pencilled by Jason Franks, with Inks by Dave Gutierrez, cover by Rhys James. 22 pages, B&W interiors.

McBlack One-Shot

McBlack is dispatched on a multi-stage seek-and-destroy mission–but who is he supposed to kill, and who is he really working for?

Written by Jason Franks. Illustrated by Mike Athey, Tom Bonin, Trevor Wood and Jason Franks. Colours by Luke Pickett. Wraparound cover by Rhys McDonald. 28 pages in full colour.

McBlack Two-Shot

McBlack is hired to eliminate a monster that is haunting a young boy’s dreams. But can he survive the imagination of a child?

Written by Jason Franks. Illustrated by Bruce Mutard, Luke Pickett, Rhys James, John Stewart and Jason Franks. Colours by Luke Pickett. Inks by Dave Gutierrez. 24 pages in full colour.



UNGENRED collects Jason Franks’ mainstream short comics. Autobiography, comedy, travel, biography, allegory, social realism, tall tales, period drama – you never know what will be on the next page. Might even be some talking robots.

Illustrated by Bruce Mutard, Ed Siemienkowicz, Joe Pimienta, J. Marc Schmidt, Nicholas Hunter, Renan L’Hopsum, Bobby N., Jan Scherpenhuizen, and others.

Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path #1

Detectives of the Unconventional Incidents Unit (UIU) are called in to investigate a bloody massacre perpetrated by a demon who is loose on the streets of Los Angeles.

Their only clue: a missing barrel of Rainbow Peach Swirl ice cream.


Art by Paul Abstruse. Colours by Eddie Swan.

Smiling Damned

Smiling Damned  #1


Learn the ins and outs of the super-villain business from three-time Best Solo Supervillain award winner The Prince. Watch Mr Ex orchestrate a supercrime the smart way. Destroy a wind farm with gun-crazy pro-pollution-activist Monochrome. Take a fully automatic tour of Transylvania with murderer-for-hire McBlack. Impress your friends by quoting Shakespeare–then rob and kill them. If you ever wanted to be a supervillain, this is the book for you.

Written by Jason Franks; illustrated by Daniel Watts, Brendan Halyday, and Aly Faye; coloured by Jason Quest and Garth Jones. Cover by Graeme Jackson.

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