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Volume 2 Art Lineup: Luke Pickett

Jabberwocks and Jackalopes, I have another artist announcement for Sixsmiths Volume 2: Lugubrious Luke Pickett!

I have known Luke for many years and over that time he’s become one of my favourite and most versatile collaborators. Luke has illustrated stories for me in Kagemono, Beginnings Anthology and McBlack, and he has served as colourist many times over and above that. Luke also illustrated a two parter for the Sixsmiths webcomic–one of my favourite strips, Dr Darklight (a character who features in the new volume of the book.)

Here’s a picture of Dennis which I’ve cropped from Luke’s chapter:


Luke is now based in Canada, but if you’re not game to brave the hellish snowscapes you can find him online at

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