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Volume 2 Art Lineup: Anton McKay

Fiends and reprobates, it is time for me to introduce another of the feature artists for The Sixsmiths volume 2: Anton “Lavey” McKay!

Anton’s comics work first came to my attention in Gestalt Comics FLINCH anthology, which featured two stories illustrated by Anton: one that he wrote himself, and a second written by Ray Fawkes. I loved Anton’s work immediately. Peter Ra introduced me to Anton when he first moved to Melbourne, which was not long before the Sixsmiths volume 1 was published, and I have been looking for an opportunity to write something for him ever since.

Here’s a panel from Anton’s chapter showing Ralf hard at work:

You can find Anton online at Anton is also the mastermind behind the art-pop band Petanque, which you sample at

Welcome to the family, Anton!


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