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The Sixsmiths

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Bruce Mutard

Ladies and gentlemen, madamss and monsieurs, it is my great pleasure to introduce the next artist on Sixsmiths vol.02: Baleful Bruce Mutard. Bruce is the author of the graphic novels  The Sacrifice, The Silence, The Bunker and A Mind of Love. He’s been published in many of Australia’s most prestigious journals and is one of […]

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Sacha Bryning

Welcome, Snakeophiles, It is time once more to introduce another new Sixsmiths artist: Sacha Bryning’s very name is vested with some heavy occult significance, so it seems only natural that he lends some of his insidious powers to The Sixsmiths. Sacha is an animator, a storyboard artist and an illustrator. His work has appeared in Gaining […]

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Greg Gates

Hey there, hellions, It’s time for me to introduce you to another of the artists who will be gracing the pages of Sixsmiths volume 2 with his infernal ink well: Aussie comics legend Greg Gates. Greg has been a key player int he Australian comics scene for decades now. He’s worked with Dillon Naylor, Dave […]

Sixsmiths Volume 2 Art Lineup: Ed Siemienkowicz

G’day, Grendels, It’s that time again, when I have the incredible pleasure of introducing another Sixsmiths vol.02 artist. From Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America, where only the ammunition is metric… it’s Nine Millimeter Ed Siemienkowicz! Ed is probably best known for his comic post-1980s-apocalypse comic, Chrome and Dust,  and for his autobiographical webcomic […]

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Jase Harper

Howdy, Hellspawn! It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce another artist in Sixsmiths vol.02: Ledger award winning creator Jase Harper! Jase comes to us from a background in animation, having worked as a layout designer, storyboard artist, and  assistant director on the TV series FARMKIDS.  Jase won his Ledger for the […]