Faerie Apocalypse

Over the centuries the Faerie Realms have drifted away from the mortal world. But for some, the
Doors will open. For some, there is a Way to travel there, if they want it badly enough. If they dream
it hard enough. In this era, only lovers, poets, and madmen can access the Realms of the Land–and
for good reason.

A succession of mortals travel to Faerie: a veteran seeking beauty; a magus seeking power; an
urchin seeking his wayward father; an engineer seeking meaning. The mortals bring the
horrors of our age to the Land, and the Folk who live there respond in kind.

“In this beautifully imagined novel, Franks tells a story viscerally graphic, emotionally moving
and very, very sharp.” – Kaaron Warren

“Franks has delivered a dark fantastical history of staggering imagination, written like a fable,
delivered like a punch. Powerful and engrossing stuff.” – Alan Baxter

Distributed by Dennis Jones (Australia) and IPG/SPU (North America)

Bloody Waters

Is the Devil less trustworthy than a record executive?

Young guitar virtuoso Clarice Marnier is on the verge of success when she crosses the wrong A&R man. Suddenly, instead of being signed to the major label that’s been courting her, she finds herself blacklisted.

So Clarice makes a deal with the Devil: the soul of her greatest enemy for a record deal and a second chance.

As Clarice and her band, Bloody Waters, begin their ascent to rock stardom they are are beset by a strange array of enemies. Has-been guitar heroes, popstar succubii, spell-slinging DJs, angry divas and killer angels–every occult freak and music industry player in LA wants something from them, whether it’s a slice of their fame or a bite out of their souls.

Clearly, there’s more at stake than just a record deal–but what does the Devil really want, and how far will Clarice go to protect what’s hers?


“The writing style is tight and powerful. This is a great book, superbly written and one of those things you can call truly different.” – Alan Baxter

“Franks’ neat inversion of the Blues myth of the guitarist selling his soul for success cleverly sums up the history of rock from its beginnings on the banks of the Mississippi to the MTV VJs cheerfully gossiping on the sex lives of celebrity popstars. This is confident and very entertaining writing, reminiscent of Harlan Ellison’s Spider Kiss meets Pratchett and Gaiman’s classic Good Omens. Franks’ enthusiasm for rock shines through on every page, but there’s also a satirical wryness here which catapults this above other supernatural thrillers clogging up the market. A great, fun read.” – The Momus Report
“…very different to a lot of the horror I’ve been reading recently, with a clarity and deceptive simplicity that really suits the story. The escalating series of supernatural encounters had a balance of kick arse action and absurdity that appealed. The resolution felt fresh, without a cliche in sight.”  – Mark Webb

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