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The Sixsmiths

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Trevor Wood

Children of darkness, it’s that time again. Allow me to introduce another of the artists we have slated for volume the second: Tyrannical Trevor Wood. Trev has been a longstanding supporter of the Sixsmiths, and in fact it was he who convinced me that I could pull this project off with multiple artists (by citing […]

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Gregory MacKay

Devil Dogs and Cat Fanciers, It’s time to reveal another one of the fabulous artists: Gregory MacKay. I am ridiculously pleased to have Gregory contributing to this project, and here’s why: I was at high school with Gregory. We shared English and Art classes in year 12, and in fact it was Greg who got […]

Oz Horror Con 13

Hey there, sinners, Franks will be a guest at Oz Horror Con 13 this weekend. He will be participating in some panels with the AHWA and with Christopher Sequeira, Jan Scherpenhuizen and Paul Bedford. When he’s not jabbering about horror comics on the stage he will be selling The Sixsmiths, McBlack, Kagemono, and other comics. Come visit!

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Jan Scherpenhuizen

It is with tremendous pleasure that I present the next Volume 2 artist to you, my evil brethren: jovial Jan Scherpenhuizen! I’ve known and worked with Jan in various projects and in different capacities in the few years I’ve known him and he’s a talented, passionate, versatile and knowledgeable artist and writer. Here’s a page […]