Bleeding Out of 2020

Well, 2020 was a year, huh? Bushfires. Murder hornets. A pandemic. 100 days in lockdown. The US presidential election. We’re in the home stretch now and… well, looks like Christmas is cancelled in Australia’s biggest city, so I guess it’s not done with us yet. I was sick of hearing about all of this six months ago, so I won’t drone on about it. Despite all the pain and death and aggravation, 2020 was a pretty good year for me and I have no cause to complain. I was very lucky to be in a position where I was already...

Midnight Echo #15 Showcase

Editor Lee Murray interviewed me about my new story, “Tolerance to Iron”, which is out now in Midnight Echo #15. Click on through to listen to see rabbit on about the story, the important of horror, and my wardrobe choices. I had a bit more fun with this one than usual, so if you only read one interview with me this year, this is probably the one to check out. FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Children of the Dragon

I have a story in this upcoming parallel universe Dracula anthology, along with… Ramsay Campbell, Nancy Holder, Steve Rasnic Tem, Chris Ryall, Jim Krueger, Lee Murray, Christopher Sequeira, Julie Ditrich… I think I need to go and lie down. Then I better rise from my immortal slumber and write the story. It’s a story about Dracula… if he wasn’t a vampire. Click on through for more! Dracula Unfanged: Anthology Announcement & TOC Reveal FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Tolerance to Iron

I have a new horror short story, “Tolerance to Iron”, coming out in Midnight Echo #15; a piece about a father who takes issue with a Little Man he finds terrorizing his daughter. This is my first horror piece in quite a long time and it feels a bit like coming home. I have really enjoyed returning to the pages of Midnight Echo and working with editor Lee Murray to really sharpen the teeth on this one. It’s an honour to share space with the likes of Jo Anderton, Bec Fraser, Martin Livings, Anthony Ferguson, David Schembri, Deb Sheldon and...

Heart of Iron

I have a story coming out in this newly announced awesome new Sherlock Holmes anthology from Clan Destine Press, THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD. My story, “Sharaku Homura and the Heart of Iron”, is set in South Africa in 1974 and features a Japanese Holmes and a Jewish Watson. This is my second published story about Holmes and Watson, and my first time writing about South Africa, where I was born. This story touches on both apartheid and Japanese imperial history. Also, Jimi Hendrix. It’s an absolute pleasure to share space with the likes of Raymond Gates, Lucy...