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Ten Years Ago Today

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Ten years ago, we did not discover a monolith on the moon. We had not launched a ship piloted by a a crew of humans and an artificial intelligence to investigate the moons of Saturn.Ten years ago today, a work visa was stamped in into my passport, allo…

Pack Rules

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And here we are, folks. At long last, Black House Comics' After the World #3 my pulp novella "Pack Rules" is out in newsagents across Australia. "Pack Rules" is a story about three groups of survivors competing for resources in …

On the radio

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Been listening to FM radio a lot.Radio in Australia is an even bigger wasteland than it is in the States–there's even less diversity and, well, I guess it's great if you like Top 40 but if you want to hear blues or indie rock or metal you pret…


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We are cranking here at Casa Franks, boys and girls.I slowed down a bit over the weekend, but right now, until I start work again, I'm able to turn out approximately one pencilled CBlack page a day. I have also been writing. Boy howdy, have I been …