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Hey, beasts and beastlings,
The Sixsmiths One Shot is now available for purchase from Graphicly. It’s $1.99–why hesitate?
Get yours now!

McBLACK ONE SHOT Now Available!

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Here we go again. Everybody's favourite gonzo SF noir actiuon comic that happens to be written by Jason Franks is blowing shit up again–this time, in full colour.The McBlack One Shot is now available in the Blackglass Press web store.McBlack …


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A story I wrote for the inestimable Jose Pimienta has been accepted intoa  US anthology. I'm well pleased. More details when I am able to give them.

Rambles Review of The Sixsmiths

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Tom Knapp over at has reviewed The Sixsmiths.He says: "Some are funnier than others. Some are even a little touching. The final sequence is startling, and leaves you hanging…"Which I think sums up the book nicely.Check out …

Crossovers in the Comics Mainstream

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Emmet O'Cuana, S. Raynard Haynes, Hubert Vigilla and I discuss crossovers and what they mean for mainstream comics at TLC: