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Pack Rules

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And here we are, folks. At long last, Black House Comics’ After the World #3my pulp novella “Pack Rules” is out in newsagents across Australia.

Pack Rules #3 cover by Jason Paulos

“Pack Rules” is a story about three groups of survivors competing for resources in zombie-infested Melbourne: a group of yuppies, a band of blue collar workers, and a pack of feral dogs. A football badboy, an IT contractor, a medical student, a former soldier with a secret, a family with an intellectually disabled child, a german shepherd… I’ve tried to put as much of Melbourne on display as I could, from the inner city Docklands developments to the outer suburbs.

“Pack Rules” is set in the same continuity as the preceding After The World volumes, “Killable Hours” and “Gravesend”, but it’s a discrete story with an all new cast of characters.

I tried really hard to come up with a new angle on the zombie apocalypse and I hope I’ve written a story thay you haven’t seen before amongst the metric tonnes of zombie literature that has been delivered over the past five or six years.

The book has a gorgeous cover by Jason Paulos (EEEK!) and it also contains some stories by a number of notable Aussie writers, including Jason Fischer, Raymond Gates, and B. Michael Radburn.

Please check it out–it’s in newsagents across the country, or you can buy it online from

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