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Yearly Armageddon

Well folks, it;s that time of year again: Armageddon. Franks will be out there representing The Sixsmiths with copies of the book and the usual witty banter and sunny disposition. If you loiter you might even see him laying curses on innocent bystanders. Stop by and say hello! Worst he’ll do is try to con […]

Satanism in the Sixsmiths

I get asked this question a lot in email, so I thought I would post my reply here on the Sixsmiths website. I’m an active member of the Modern Church of Satan. It’s more progressive and less LaVey. There are a couple of Facebook pages that kinda exemplify the Sixsmiths’ portrayal of satanism. They’re pretty funny. […]

Beardy and the Geek podcast

Hey, sinners,
Ryan the Geek of Oz and Emmet ‘Beardy’ O’Cuana of the Momus Report talk about the Sixsmiths in this week’s instalment of their collaborative podcast, Beardy and the Geek. They have some very incisive commentary on…

Volume 2 Art Lineup: Dean Rankine

Hey there, Devilspawn! As you know if you have been following the news here at Sixsmiths Central, Franks has completed the script for volume 2. What we haven’t yet told you is who the artists are. We’re going to introduce them one at a time over the coming weeks. It’s our great pleasure to begin […]

Two Cons

Franks will be at Supanova Sydney this weekend. He will be at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne next weekend. He will be selling The Sixsmiths, as well as the new McBlack Two Shot, Terra Magazine,  and other good stuff and he wants your money–if not your soul. In exchange he may be will to part with some […]