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Ten Years Ago Today

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Ten years ago, we did not discover a monolith on the moon. We had not launched a ship piloted by a a crew of humans and an artificial intelligence to investigate the moons of Saturn.

Ten years ago today, a work visa was stamped in into my passport, allowing me to move to the United States and work for a company in Florida.

Ten years ago today I'd recently sold my first ever piece of fiction and I was too distracted by moving to attempt to submit any more. 

Ten years ago today I was writing the first drafts of Bloody Waters and Faerie Apocalypse simultaneously. I didn't finish either book until this year.

Ten years ago today I didn't know or care very much about American politics and I didn't know much more about the Australian variety. I thought it was hilarious that the election that had put George W. Bush Jr in power was hilarious. I didn't know a Democrat from a Republican. I though Hispanics were from Spain. 

Ten years ago today, I went to bed with the expectation that I would collect my passport from the American consulate the following morning and be on a plane back to the USA within a week, where I had a job and an apartment next door to the Air Force base waiting for me.

Ten years ago today.

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