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 I interviewed Eric vonandmoggy Von Allan for Tastes Like Comics. He talks about his new book, STARGAZER, the comics business, and his place in the universe in general. Check it out:…

Attitude Adjustment

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 I was talking to a comics artist that I don’t know very well the other day about art supplies and right after he thanked me for my advice I told him that I had no business advising him–I’m not really an artist, I’m a writer. I do this all t…

eBook Badassery

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Folks,New eBook editions of the Bad-Ass Faeries books are now available in multiple formats. Vol. 2. has ‘Shadowcutting’ in it, by me and Steven Mangold, and Vol. 3 has my Ozsploitation Tarantino fairy tale, ‘Theatre of Conflict’. They’re like five buc…