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Apocalypse: Round 4

 It’s done.About 63,000 words.11 years of struggle and doubt.Now comes the hard part: selling it. I promised the final draft "by the end of the year" to an agent I was talking to in 2006. I wonder if she still remembers me?– JF

RIP Gene Colan

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 Legendary comics artist Gene Colan has passed away, aged 84. the 1980s, when we had first moved to Australia, my folks took me and my brother Gavin to see th…

Draft Apocalypse

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 Finished the new draft of Faerie Apocalypse, with much sweat and consternation.I’ve cut a few thousand words, and I didn’t add many new ones. I could have cut more and I almost did, but in small amounts. Cuts that would I normally would have, whi…

Robot Reviewage

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 The Optical Sloth has given Robots Are People 2.0 a nice review: prior review for Robots Are People, Too! #3, is here:’m particularly gratified that they seem to like my …

The Wolf Letters

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My friend Will Schaefer’s debut novel, THE WOLF LETTERS, just came out, and you should check it out.When a small artefact–a broach in the shape of a wolf, carved from jet–that goes missing from an English university in mysterious circumstances, Georg…