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Draft Apocalypse

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 Finished the new draft of Faerie Apocalypse, with much sweat and consternation.

I’ve cut a few thousand words, and I didn’t add many new ones. I could have cut more and I almost did, but in small amounts. Cuts that would I normally would have, which would have made the scenes a little bit tighter, but which I think made some points that are not obvious and needed to be spelled out. The writing style and the nature of the story call for a bit more exposition than I am usually comfortable with and it’s a difficult line to find: I want the story to be tight, but I am concerned that it’s a bit obscure. I’ll find out when I do my proofread and I expect I will cut off a bit more.

Will it then be finished? I don’t know. This book is hard work, and always has been. But I think it’s getting close, now. The structural changes I made last round have held up and it didn’t feel as if it was missing anything this time. Hopefully the proofing sweat will show me that it’s tight and clean and ready for submission, but I won’t know until I have embarked upon it.

I do, however, have a short story in the works that is part of the same universe which is coming along very nicely. I figured that since I have my head in this mode I may as well use it for something fun, to keep me motivated through the toil of this edit. The short piece  should be ready soon enough.




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