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The Wolf Letters

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My friend Will Schaefer’s debut novel, THE WOLF LETTERS, just came out, and you should check it out.

When a small artefact–a broach in the shape of a wolf, carved from jet–that goes missing from an English university in mysterious circumstances, George Hay, a PhD student who is particularly handy with his fists, is asked to assist the police in locating it. Soon, however, people start dying and Hay finds himself in over his head and on the run, looking for a way to stop an evil he doesn’t properly believe in, much less understand. A series of 8th century missives between an English bishop and a warrior-turned-missionary monk are his best clues, but the longer he spends chasing down the letters the more people are murdered and the more remote his chances of locating the jet wolf.

Will Schaefer takes us on an epic journey that alternates between 1930s Britain and 8th century Europe, handling both periods and locations with assurance and vigour. Schaefer’s meticulous research permeates the book, but he never allows the story to become bogged down with dry facts–this is a thrilling, fast-paced read full of realistic, bone-crunching action, dripping with atmosphere and wit.

The books is out now from Hybrid Publishers, and you should be able to find it in most Australian bookstores. It’s also available for Kindle from Don’t miss it.

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