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The Sixsmiths Volume 2 #2 on ComiXology!

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And now, the second installment of Sixsmiths volume 2, piping hot from the inferno that men call ComiXology.

_vol_02_cover_#1_300Cop an eyeful right here:

The church has burned down and Albert Hills Satanic Congregation is in crisis. Is some hidden enemy responsible? Is the Dark Lord punishing them for their weakness? To make matters worse, there’s a problem with the insurance the treasurer appears to have fled the country. Can Ralf step up and sort out the financial mess? Meanwhile, the Croquet Club has come up with their own plan to save the community, Jezabel hatches her own nefarious plans, and Dennis continues his quest to find post-conversion cool.

Also: Doctor Darklight, the world’s greatest Satanic Superhero, tangles with the bizarre menace of the Freak Jesus!

This is a ginormous 57 page issue containing the middle seven chapters of the book. They are illustrated by Baleful Bruce Mutard, Amorous Anton McKay, Torturous Tim McEwen, Spiteful Sarah Howell, Egregrious Ed Siemienkowicz, Brutal Bobby N and Sordid Jan Scherpenhuizen, who has also provided the cover.

Big thanks to Caliber Comics for making this all happen.


Hail Satan!

— JF

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