Horror Tree

I did an interview for “Scott” Summers at the Horror Tree. We talk about dark genre fiction, travel, and writing process, among other things. Contains a short snippet out of Faerie Apocalypse. Make with clicky: https://horrortree.com/the-horror-tree-presentsan-interview-with-jason-franks/ FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

The Sixsmiths vol.02 in stores NOW!

This is it, folks. The second volume of The Sixsmiths is in stores worldwide this week. I know that many of you have been waiting a very long time to see what happens after the volume 1 cliffhanger and now is finally your chance! Church burning, office politics, schoolyard hinjinx, splinter factions and more specialty baked goods than you can shake your trident at. Ralf, Annie, Cain, Lilith, Jezabelle and Furfur return! Dennis O’Dowell gets a makeover! A satanic vicar Melmoth goes vegetarian! Look for it now in your favourite comic store.             FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Put to the Question: Jan Scherpenhuizen

I put the artists on Sixsmiths volume 2 to the question. This is what Jan Scherpenhuizen told me from his lair underneath a windmill. Were you possessed by some malignant spirit when you agreed to be a part of this project, and if not, why on earth did you do it? Interesting question, though no doubt it’s asked lightly. I was raised a Catholic, but I’m philosophical by nature and that makes for two elements of the personality that will always be uneasy bedfellows. The philosopher sort of got his feet in the back of the Catholic and pushed him...

Put to the Question: Jase Harper

I put the artists on Sixsmiths volume 2 to the question. This is what Jase Harper confessed from the Awkwood dressing room in between the second and third encores at the GABA. You’ve been around the Aussie comics scene long enough to know that Franks is mad, bad and dangerous to know. How on earth did he convince you to participate in this project? I was scared to say no, anyone who pumps out as many dark, consistently good projects as Franks has to have some backing from evil presences. Your chapter has quite a large cast of characters in...