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The Sixsmiths Volume 2 #1 on ComiXology!

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Here we go, folks, the first issue of the brand new Sixsmiths graphic novel, served piping hot and reeking of sulfur to the device of your infernal preference!

_vol_02_cover_#1_300Cop an eyeful right here:

Set a few months after the climactic events of volume 1, Annie has returned from Sri Lanka with Jezabelle, who is now confined to a wheelchair by her injuries. Jezabelle has come back to Satanism with renewed zeal. When she interrupts one of the vicar’s sermons to with a fundamentalist rant it becomes clear that she’s been badly disturbed by the accident.

This is a fat 53 page issue containing the first six chapters of the book. They are illustrated by Diabolical Dean Rankine, Hideous Jase Harper, Terrible Trev Wood, Awful Alysyn Faye, Shocking Jan Scherpenhuizen, Lugubgrious Luke Pickett and by me, Ginormous Jason Franks (with much assistance from Jan (inks) and Simon Wright (greytones)).

Big thanks to Caliber Comics for making this all happen.


Hail Satan!

— JF

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