Horror Tree

I did an interview for “Scott” Summers at the Horror Tree. We talk about dark genre fiction, travel, and writing process, among other things. Contains a short snippet out of Faerie Apocalypse. Make with clicky: https://horrortree.com/the-horror-tree-presentsan-interview-with-jason-franks/ FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Metal Genesis

Howdy folks, Tune in to Metal Genesis on 106.7 PBS FM tomorrow night between 10 and 12pm to hear me talking to the fearsome Wendy Tonkin about the Sixsmiths, Bloody Waters, heavy metal and Satan. Tunes will be played! https://pbsfm.org.au/metalgenesis Get your ears around it. It’s gonna be good. ­čÖé FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Character Interrogations

If you could ask any question of any of the characters in any of my fiction, what would it be? This is what Facebook wanted to know. It may not surprise any of you that Satan┬áreceived the most direct questions, and was also the topic of several others. Also, people seem to like dogs. MATT NICHOLLS: Mr. McBlack, who was your favourite kill? WHITEFACE McBLACK:┬áMy favourite is yet to come, I hope. A man’s gotta dream, right? PS what are you doing tonight around midnight? JOHN DeFROG:┬áFor Clarice Marnier: Given yr own experience, would you recommend The Devil as a...