Voyage of the Argos

So by now you’ve seen the news about my new publishing venture, Argonautica Press, in cahoots with my mate Jason Fischer. This is basically the two of us teaming up to take control of our respective backlists and, I guess you’d say, side-lists. Or you could put it this way: we’re self-publishing our books under a collective banner. Fisch and I have been discussing this for a good couple of years now. I’m not sure but I think it was JF.1’s idea to self-publish some work, initially, and I barged in and demanded he let me participate as well. So...

Horror Tree

I did an interview for “Scott” Summers at the Horror Tree. We talk about dark genre fiction, travel, and writing process, among other things. Contains a short snippet out of Faerie Apocalypse. Make with clicky: FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail