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So, earlier this year the magnificent Lindy Cameron of Clan Destine Press invited me to pitch her a short story or novella for a project she was putting together called AND THEN…

The parameters were simple: thrilling adventure stories featuring two protagonists in any genre. I went and wrote an SF novelette called “Exli and the Dragon”, which is my most recently finished piece of work and perhaps my last for 2015.

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, the project mushroomed and… well, now it’s going to be two books. There’s a pretty incredible array of writers involved, including Alan Baxter, Mary Borsellino, Jack Dann, Narrelle Harris, Sophie Masson, Jason Nahrung, Amanda Pillar, Dan Rabarts, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Tor Roxburgh and heaps of others. Fine company to be in. The book will be lavishly illustrated by Vicky Pratt.

I will write a bit more about Exli and the Dragon soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like a copy, Clan Destine are holding a crowdfunder to get this massive project up and running. Please check it out, right here:–2#/.


— JF

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