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The Sixsmiths Volume 1 #4 on ComiXology

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Here it is! The final installment of Sixsmiths volume 1, now available for your digital viewing pleasure. Please feel free to use this in whatever diabolical rituals you have planned for the weekend. I have been wanting to see this book digitally available for a very long time now so I am incredibly gratified to see it finally available. Big thanks to Caliber Comics for making it happen.

Julius dumps Lilith. Ralf goes into a job interview with a a positive new attitude–only to discover that Vicky is one of the interviewers. Everything comes to a head at the Albert Hills SC Junior Social, when injury leads to a last minute lineup change for Wicked Generation. Meanwhile, Jezabelle is in Sri Lanka, far beyond the devil’s baleful influence… or so she believes. Written by Jason Franks, illustrated by J. Marc Schmidt, cover by Bruce Mutard. Three bucks for 47 pages of diabolical hijinx.

With any luck volume 2 will begin serialization shortly. You can be sure I will keep ring the bells when it happens, so keep your ears tuned and your crucifixes upside down.

Hail Satan!

— JF

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