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Hey sinners, the time you have been waiting for is NOW UPON US.

The new volume of the Sixsmiths is now available on amazon, thanks to the most excellent Caliber Comics.


Volume 1, the story of a family of suburban Satanists fallen prey to the Global Financial Crisis, is a remastered edition of the original graphic novel, written by me and illustrated by J.Marc Schmidt.

Volume 2  contains brand new material. The story picks up a month after volume 1 and continues the story while broadening the scope of the project from the family to the community as they deal with a new, larger crisis. Volume 2 is illustrated by a team of heroes including Dean Rankine, Bruce Mutard, Jase Harper, Sacha Bryning, Sarah Howell, Anton McKay, Aly Faye, Gregory MacKay, Trevor Wood, Luke Pickett, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Tim McEwen, Bobby N and Ed Siemienkowicz.

Right now the books are only available from I know this is a very expensive option for Australian readers, so please bear with us: we are still waiting to confirm Direct Market distribution. In the meantime, the books are being serialized on ComiXology, so you can get a gander at them on any of your devices.



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