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The Martyr and the Qarin

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71146195-9a26-4b74-b47c-3120657dd63cI’ve written a new Bloody Waters short, “The Martyr and the Qarin”. Once again this has been published direct to Kindle courtesy of Possible Press.

This one sees Clarice facing off against a Satanic terrorist with plans to martyr himself at a New York Philharmonic concert.

I admit that  have been sitting on this story for a while. With the present turmoil in the middle east it seemed like asking for trouble. Eventually I decided just to go for it… but between the time I turned the story in to the editor and the time it hit Amazon we suddenly had terror raids across Australia.  I thought about pulling it, but in the end I decided not to.

So look; I’m not trying to stir up trouble.  The story is a goofy piece about a magical Satanic-Islamic terrorist and a rock star. But goofy or not, it does have something to say about terrorism and I think it’s important that we–all of us–are  allowed to talk about this stuff, in public. That’s a writer’s job, after all.

Buy it here. It’s 99c.

Buy the other short, Hellhound on my Trail, if you missed it last time.

I will be writing at least one more Bloody Waters short story. If the shorts do well I’ll write more, and there will be a hardcopy collection–so please, buy ‘em, rate ‘em, and review ‘em if you want to see more.


– JF

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