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The Martyr and the Qarin

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I’ve written a new Bloody Waters short, “The Martyr and the Qarin”. Once again this has been published direct to Kindle courtesy of Possible Press. This one sees Clarice facing off against a Satanic terrorist with plans to martyr himself at a New York Philharmonic concert. I admit that  have been sitting on this story for a […]

The Book Gets Thrown

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Four star review via Throw The Book: “… the style varies as much as the chords in a power ballad. “I laughed out loud at times, nodded my head when something gelled with my own experiences or observations, and shuddered every so often as the fun stood aside for gritty story-telling. All this in one […]

Hellhound On My Trail

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  Okay, gang. Possible Press are conducting an experiment on my behalf. We’re publishing some stand-alone short stories related to Bloody Waters direct to amazon. If they do well, there will be more stories and eventually a collection. Sound good to you? Sounds good to us!   The first short, “Hellhound On My Trail”, featuring the bluesman […]

The Clock Strikes Thirteen

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“This is a great book, superbly written and one of those things you can call truly different.” Couldn’t ask for a better review than this one, written by Alan Baxter for Thirteen O’Clock:

Review by Mark Webb

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Australian spec fic reviewing stalwart Mark Webb has been kind enough to review Bloody Waters, and… well, I guess he liked it. Mark says: “…very different to a lot of the horror I’ve been reading recently, with a clarity and deceptive simplicity that really suits the story.” “The escalating series of supernatural encounters had a […]