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CTHULHU: DEEP DOWN UNDER Crowdfunding Campaign

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Okay, so, Cthulhu: Deep Down Under book I have been talking about (mythos stories set in Australia, full colour illustration plates for each piece, many of Australia’s best horror writers, introduction by Ramsey Campbell, etc) is going to be crowdfunded.

My new story, “Darkness Beyond”, illustrated by the legendary Bruce Mutard, is part of the book. So are authors like Kaaron Warren, Jason Nahrung, Lucy Sussex, Jason Fischer, Aaron Sterns, Geoff Brown and many many more of Australia’s finest authors of horror fiction. Steve Kilbey from the Church contributed a piece, and DID I MENTION THAT RAMSEY CAMPBELL WROTE THE FREAKING INTRODUCTION?

Sorry. First and last time I’ll ever see my name in the same place as his.

Salient points:

1/ The book is done. Written, edited, laid-out, illustrated, ready for print. You lay down some dollars, you WILL get to read a copy.

2/ It’s an Indiegogo campaign, which means that partial funding is a possibility. See 1/ above: if you contribute you WILL get a copy of the book, regardless of the campaign outcome.

3/ I think there will be some new perks added in the next week.

4/ We will be shilling this at Armageddon this weekend. Come by the booth to meet some of the creators, buy some merch, and have a gander at the ARC copies, or shoot the breeze. (Note: Con security forbids the use of firearms, regardless of the immiminence of a manifestation of the Elder Gods).

You will be hearing a lot more about this from me going forward, so apologies in advance. We will keep most of the shilling content related–author interviews, etc–rather than just hectoring you to buy multiple copies (but you should).

Please share this around your social media and like or favourite the shit of of it everywhere you see it–every click counts.

Thank you, from the depths of my black and tentacled little heart.CDDU

— JF


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