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XDA ZAI: First Draft

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My dimension-hopping assassin's travelogue novel, ZDA ZAI, is now a complete story.First draft: 92,783 words.19 September 2006 to 19 September 2011.First chapter is sub-ready. Chapter 7 was published in 2009 in the Assassin's Canon anthology fr…

Pack Rules

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And here we are, folks. At long last, Black House Comics' After the World #3 my pulp novella "Pack Rules" is out in newsagents across Australia. "Pack Rules" is a story about three groups of survivors competing for resources in …

Devil Dolls and Duplicates

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 Anthony Ferguson’s reprint anthology, DEVIL DOLLS AND DUPLICATES, is now available from Equilibrium books.This book contains horror stories by some of Australia’s finest genre fiction writers, including Sean Williams, Stephen Dedman, Lucy Su…

"Theatre of Conflict" workblog

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 Click the link to read a short essay I wrote for the BAF blog, about my postmodern Ozploitation fairytale "Theatre Of Conflict" (published last year in BAD ASS FAERIES III).– JF