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TIDES OF HOPE: When The Levee Breaks

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I have written a piece called “When the Levee Breaks”, lavishly illustrated by Jan Scherpenhuizen, for the TIDES OF HOPE Queensland Flood Benefit book.

This book, edited by Christopher Sequeira, will be available at the April Supanova pop culture expos in Sydney and Melbourne in April this year. The books run at $10 a copy and proceeds go 100% to charity in flood-ravaged Queensland.

There is an incredible lineup in this book of top flight international creators. Here’s the complete list:

• Patrick Alexander
• Liz Argall
• Paul Bedford
• Bernard Caleo
• Greg Capullo
• Gary Chaloner
• Wei Chew (Chewie) Chan
• Jason Chatfield
• Chris Claremont
• Rebecca Clements
• Jeff Cruz
• Julie Ditrich
• Sarah Ellerton
• Dave Elsey
• Anton Emdin
• Michael Evans
• David Follett
• Robert Forrest
• Jason Franks
• Doug Holgate
• Paul Jenkins
• Alex Major
• Alex Maleev
• Paul Mason
• Tim McEwen
• Stewart McKenny
• Jessica McLeod
• Michael Michalandos
• Mandy Ord
• Jason Paulos
• Jan Scherpenhuizen
• Chris Sequeira
• Mark Sexton
• Jon Sommariva
• Steve Stamadiadis
• Kurt Stone
• Komala Surman
• Arthur Suydam
• Jozef Szekeres
• Tom Taylor
• Ben Templesmith
• Andie Tong
• Daren White
• Colin Wilson
• Leinil Francis Yu

If the book becomes available online or through any other outlets I will post about it here.


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