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Road dog

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Filthy readers, I am once more on the road.

I’ve moved out of my apartment and put my stuff into storage. I finish up at my job this Thursday. Next week, I shall officially be On The Road again.

Last year was a good year for me. Had its ups and downs, like every year, but more of the former than the latter. Two graphic novels, a one shot, a short story, and an anthology book out–not bad. Three short trips overseas. I made a lot of new friends and connections and generally had a blast. I put to bed a couple of long-term projects, and I’ve done a lot of groundwork for this year… but I am finally in a position where I feel like I will be new work, rather than carrying through existing commitments.

Three things that you will see from me, probably in the first half of the year.

1/ McBlack one shot, 26pp in full colour, by me, Mike Athey, Tom Bonin, Trev Wood and Luke Pickett.
2/ Pack Rules, a pulp novella.

3/ Bloody Waters, the novel I spoke about so extensively a few years back. Whatever does or does not happen with the publisher, it’s going to be out as a Kindle book, and soon.
So what’s all of this new stuff I’ve been talking about? Well, there is a lot of it.
In prose:
1/ Faerie Apocalypse. I need one solid week and it’s ready to submit.
2/ XDA Zai. This project is in the weird position of having some episodes complete, polished and ready to go (one of them has been in print for a couple of years now!) while some of it is at first draft stage. About a third of it exists only in my head.  I hope to have a complete draft done by mid year, and be submission ready by year end.
In comics:
1/ Bucket of Glass with Jose Pimienta is in high gear now. Joe has 3 pages still to draw and I have to letter it up and then we’re ready to pitch. Jose’s work is killer, and I will post some here soonish.
2/ ‘Zycorax’ (working title), an urban fantasy/horror/police procedural pitch with Paul Abstruse. Paul has just completed his prior commitments and we’re in the character design phase. Hope to have some sequentials and a proper title for it soon. 
3/ Serial project with a group of killer Aussie co-conspirators.
I know I’ve been saying it for a while, but… I should be around here a bit more going forward; hopefully starting next week.
— JF


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