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McBlack Two Shot gets Momused

Emmet O'Cuana from the excellent pop culture news site The Momus Report gives McBlack Two Shot a nice review in his writeup of Supanova Sydney.Emmet sums up the project as:"…a relentless cartoon horrorshow, full of Droogian excessive violenc…

Two Cons

Folks,I will be at Supanova Sydney this weekend. I will be at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne NEXT weekend. I will be selling the new McBlack Two Shot, Terra Magazine, The Sixsmiths and other good stuff and I WANT YOUR MONEY.Not only will I be…


Folks,I will be at Supanova in Brisbane this weekend, once again at the Black House Comics booth (as opposed to my usual Blackglass Press, or SLG in the US). I'll be selling my usual fare–KAGEMONO, THE SIXSMITHS, McBLACK, and AFTER THE WORLD. Hope…


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The paperback of my first graphic novel, McBLACK, will first become available at Melbourne Supanova on the 16th. I’ve been working on this bastard for five years now. Written and penciled by me, inked by Dave Gutierrez, cover by Ron Salas, 72 pages of sequential art plus a pinup and an illustrated song, the "Ballad of McBlack". It’s 10 bucks, and it’ll soon be available from the Blackglass Press webstore and from other sites. 

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In addition, I will be serializing the book online at, updating Monday-Wednesday-Friday. You have no excuse not to check it out–it’s free!

Lock and load,

— JF