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THE SIXSMITHS in Christchurch

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The Reverend Melmoth will be presenting a sermon, illustrated by Mike Athey, in Christchurch-based Funtime Comics’ DARKEST DAY earthquake benefit book.In keeping with the Reverend’s teachings, the book should be available at the Wellington Armageddon E…

Heidi’s Pick Six interview

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Hey folks,I recently did one of Heidi Ruby Miller’s infamous Pick Six interviews. The six questions I’ve picked have me talking about coffee, guitar rock, and how dreams factor into my writing process. Check it out here:http://heidirubymiller.blogspot….

Spotlight on Blackglass

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Emmet O’Cuana spotlights Blackglass Press on Tastes Like Comics: it just me, or are we starting to see some really good comics reporting this year? Following Dino Caruso’s Cryst…

Tres Reviews of THE SIXSMITHS

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Some new Sixsmiths reviews, courtesy of the following sites:Mapping the MultiverseAmazon.comLance’s Comic World (registration required)Folks, if you want to help us out and you’d care to post a review on Amazon or on, or the blog, re…