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Sixsmiths Volume 2 Art Lineup: Ed Siemienkowicz

G’day, Grendels,

It’s that time again, when I have the incredible pleasure of introducing another Sixsmiths vol.02 artist. From Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America, where only the ammunition is metric… it’s Nine Millimeter Ed Siemienkowicz!

Ed is probably best known for his comic post-1980s-apocalypse comic, Chrome and Dust,  and for his autobiographical webcomic Random Play. Although he’s our token American, Ed’s  work has been published in Australia’s longest running anthology series, Tango. He has collaborated with me several times in the past, most notably on the short piece “How To Be Cool” for Hard Words. He is also one of the masterminds behind Voice of the Republic, one of the internet’s most popular Star Wars podcasts.

Edo-san is one of my longest-serving creator friends. We’ve gone drinking together in five cities across three continents and I look forward to sharing a future beer with him over a brand new copy of The Sixsmiths in some yet-to-be-determined location.

Nine is the count of his calibre, and three is the number of times he has worked with Franks. A nine is a six inverted–could the omen be any clearer?

Praise unto their Dread Majesties, for Eddie the S walks among us!


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