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Volume 2 Art Lineup: Trevor Wood

Children of darkness, it’s that time again.

Allow me to introduce another of the artists we have slated for volume the second: Tyrannical Trevor Wood.

Trev has been a longstanding supporter of the Sixsmiths, and in fact it was he who convinced me that I could pull this project off with multiple artists (by citing Jen Van Meter’s excellent Hopeless Savages.)

Trev is best known for his work on Sawbones–still one of my absolute favourite Aussie comics–with writer Jen Breach. Both Jen and Trev contributed to the Sixsmiths webcomic back when J. Marc and I were putting together volume 1 and it is a huge pleasure to have Trevor participating as a featured artist in volume 2.

Here’s a panel from his chapter, just to get you smacking your lips. That’s right–this is Dennis’ first day at Satan School.

Trevor has also worked with me on McBlack, if you would like to see just how versatile an artist he is.

Welcome aboard, Trevor!


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