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This scene, from chapter 2, describes teenaged Clarice’s brief stint playing with a party band called Groulx. Through successive drafts this section grew smaller and smaller. In the published version of Bloody Waters, all that remains is a single paragraph summary. But here’s the original, a look at the implosion of a band in which […]

Butcher’s Hook

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Aurealis #65, out today, contains my short rock’n’roll horror story “Butcher’s Hook”. If you enjoyed Bloody Waters you’l probably enjoy this puppy. For $2.99, you can’t really go wrong, can you? First person to sport the Bloody Waters reference in “Butcher’s Hook” and email me via the contact page gets a free copy of the Bloody […]

DELETED SCENE: Boyfriends and Girlfriends

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I will be presenting some of the numerous sections that were deleted from the final version of Bloody Waters, all of which will be linked from the Extras page. Some of these are straight up scenes, some of them are epistolary sections, some are musical numbers… I cut 50,000 words from the biggest draft to […]

Rock’n’read part 2

Second part of my guest blog for Kitty and Cadaver, in which I recommend a few more of my favourite music related fictions. This time we’re not only multimedia–comics, cartoons and movies–but we are also very, very metal. Click on through to read my thoughts on  METALOCALYSE, DETROIT METAL CITY, and… JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS? […]