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Back from Armageddon

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Back from Armageddon. I had fun, but, if you consider the preceding sentence without context, you’ve pretty much got the idea of how it went down. The show didn’t quite live up to its name. I did pretty well, given how thin the crowd was and the fact t…

Sydney Armageddon

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I will be in Sydney for Armageddon this weekend. will be selling copies of the Sixsmiths GN and one shot, McBlack, and the entire Kagemono catalogue–including the bran new volume, Flowers and Skulls (which is not yet avail…

Interview – part 2/2

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 The second half of Dino Caruso’s interview with me, courtesy of Crystal Fractal comics:,- JF

Big Arse Launch was really big

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 Well folks, the book launch was on Saturday and it was huge. I don’t think any of us expected it to be so big. I think we had something like 100 people through the doors at Eydies on Lygon St.Everything went off without a hitch. The books came, t…

Kagemono Kills

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First review of KAGEMONO: FLOWERS AND SKULLS, courtesy of Australia’s biggest horror and dark fiction review site, Scaryminds. guess they liked it. — JF