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Back from Armageddon

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Back from Armageddon.

I had fun, but, if you consider the preceding sentence without context, you’ve pretty much got the idea of how it went down. The show didn’t quite live up to its name.

I did pretty well, given how thin the crowd was and the fact that my stand was int he worst possible location–the only close corner in artist’s alley. I didn’t have my McBlack standup or any of the posters that I usually have with me, so my setup looked pretty sparse.

Had a good time catching up with my Sydneyside peeps Chris Sequeira, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Baden Kirgan, Jason Paulos, Paul Abstruse, Nic Hunter and Stu McKenny,  not to mention hanging with Melbourne regulars Matt Emery and Bruce Mutard. Nice to meet some new Sydney folks, like Paul Mason, Joseph Kisch and others. I seem to have a handful or returning fans up in Sydney, which is nice.

I didn’t get to spend time with the announced international guests–I seldom do–but I was surprised to discover Noah Van Sciver in there amongst them. Armageddon is a lot more friendly to mainstream types than to indies like Noah (as I well know). I picked up two issues of his book, BLAMMO, which I recommend heartily to anybody who digs underground and alternative comix.

Funny to see what books sold at this show. McBlack and The Sixsmiths GN were my top sellers, followed closely by Kagemono #1 — think because of the comparatively low price point. A number of people asked me about Robots are People 2.0, which I sold out of last year.  

As always, better coverage provided elsewhere: check out Matt Emery’s blog for more info and a bunch more photos. 

— JF

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