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Big Arse Launch was really big

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Well folks, the book launch was on Saturday and it was huge. I don’t think any of us expected it to be so big. I think we had something like 100 people through the doors at Eydies on Lygon St.

Everything went off without a hitch. The books came, the food arrived, the audio worked. MC Bernard Caleo delivered a rousing speech that I think left the civilian contingent a bit gobsmacked. Lots of Sixsmiths and Kagemonos sold–it was really gratifying to see that the crowd.

Big thanks to Bernard, to Anna for giving us the run of the venue; to Mathilde, Gavin and Rochelle for manning the cashier’s table; and to all the gang who helped put it together and provided books to launch. 

Bobby N., as usual, provides much better coverage, including pictures and a bit of a podcast at his own blog (from whence I stole the photo above):

Video footage of Bernard’s speech, plus interviews with the various creators, should be up on youtube at some point.


— JF

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