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Two Cons

Franks will be at Supanova Sydney this weekend. He will be at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne next weekend. He will be selling The Sixsmiths, as well as the new McBlack Two Shot, Terra Magazine,  and other good stuff and he wants your money–if not your soul.

In exchange he may be will to part with some information about the new Sixsmiths book–but you’ll have to work for it. Or make a deal. Franks is big on making deals.

Not only will Franks be there, but so will such fine other creators as Matt Emery (GUZUMO, PAY THROUGH THE SOUL), Paul Bedford (THE LIST), Paul Mason (SOLDIER LEGACY), Paul Abstruse (ZOMBIE CITIES), Bruce Mutard (THE SILENCE, THE SACRIFICE), Tom Taylor (THE DEEP, THE AUTHORITY, STAR WARS), Dean Rankine (THE SIMPSONS, FULL METAL CHICKEN), Doug Holgate (PLANET TAD, AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS)  and tons of other bad asses of Aussie comics.

Come find him before he finds you.

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