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Put to the Question: Dean Rankine

I put the artists on Sixsmiths volume 2 to the question. This is what Dean Rankine said:

What rash promises did Franks make in order to convince you to participate in this project?

Giving me money was a big one! He also plied me with mock-meat at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Which seems like a really long time ago now (‘Cause it was). I remember coming home and telling my wife, Kylie, that I was going to do some pages for this comic about a suburban satanist family. And I liked how the guy went about asking me. He was respectful.

I know you wanted to draw naked black masses and gonzo sex rituals. How disappointed were you when Franks assigned you a chapter that was full of hospital rooms and broken-down trams?

I was kind of spewing about. Talking heads and trams are hardly my forte. Especially ’cause I heard on the comic book grapevine that Sarah Howell had scored a satanic ritual scene! Seriously though, I didn’t mind. I have a very cartoony style so it was kind of nice to tackle some more ‘serious’ script. Also, all the characters had cool tattoos!

What was the best part about working on the Sixsmiths?

I started to really like the family. I felt kind of sad when I got to the end of the pages. I remember thinking, ‘It’s going to be kind of weird not having them in my life’.

What was the worst part about working with Jason Franks?

Absolutely no downside, sorry. It was fun. This has been a long journey getting this project to this stage. I have nothing but praise for Jason’s patience and determination. He’s a good guy.

Thanks for reading, folks! And remember, you can currently order Sixsmiths volumne 2 from your local comic store by forwarding them the following link, or by citing Diamond code FEB171451. Orders due Feb 18th. In stores April 26th!

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