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Put to the Question: Anton McKay

I put the artists on Sixsmiths volume 2 to the question. This is what Anton McKay said, while playing a game of Petanque on stage in a music hall:

What outrageous lies did Franks tell you in order to convince you to participate in this project?
No lies. Frankly, Franks was frank: There would little money and little glory, but neither mattered, because, by God, we would make Art! Art that would drag this destitute, hackneyed and deservedly pissed on category of low brow funny pages we call “Modern Comics” up to the highest order of sophisticated contemporary literature!

And also, he promised to come over and scratch my tummy whenever I felt like it.

Out of all the artists on this project, you probably added more unscripted jokes to your chapter than anyone else on the team. (Well, Bruce Mutard might have added more, but my eyes are too poor for me to be able to see all of that detail). Are you naturally a funny bloke, or is this an improv skill learned in your secret identity as an avant garde musician?

Jason, darling, you’re too kind! But I must take issue with your impertinence! Would you ever ask a comedy great such as, say, Benny Hill or Roy “Chubby” Brown, to speculate on the source – the Lake Victoria, if you will – of their respective River Niles of laughter? No, it would be most improper. We wacky-types jealously guard the workings of our comedy muse, lest all those lazy hacks and second-rate titter-merchants come clambering over the parapets with their cups and straws and sucking mouths to drain the well of golden laffs dry.

What was the best part about working on the Sixsmiths?
All I can say, my dear boy, is the material spoke to me. And it said, “Draw a bunch of peenies…”

EDITORIAL NOTE: I am almost certain the script said “wangs and schlongs”.

What was the worst part about working with Jason Franks?
“Conceptual Development” wrestling sessions. I still have a sore neck (beware future Franks collaborators – Jason has deceptively strong thighs!) and olive oil stains on the carpet I just can’t get rid of!

Thanks for reading, folks! And remember, you can currently order Sixsmiths volumne 2 from your local comic store by forwarding them the following link, or by citing Diamond code FEB171451. Orders due Feb 18th. In stores April 26th!

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