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A couple of months ago I said that Continuum would be my last convention appearance for 2013, but it appears that I have lied to you all.

This September, thanks to a grant from the Australia Council, I will be attending SPX for the first time since 2006.

The Australian delegation also includes Matt ‘Guzumo’ Emery and the Space Pyrates, Matthew Hoddy and Cailtin Major

I’m not sure who of my old SPX buddies will be there besides 9mm Ed Siemienkowicz, but I cannot wait to get out there again, to my favourite Stateside con. I have missed you, indie comickers of America!

I am not sure what stock I will have over there, but expect it to be heavy on The Sixsmiths and Ungenred. I may or may not have some new minicomics with me (it’s been many years since I made some of them) and I will probably have a smattering of McBlack and Kagemono. Might even take some copies of Bloody Waters but if you want signed copies you’re probably better off buying them on Amazon and bringing them with.

I cannot wait to see you hideous freaks again. Bring on September!

– JF

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