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WiPs and Chains

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I have been working, dear readers. Oh, how I have been working.

My long-delayed zombie novella, PACK RULES, should be out very soon now.

I have delivered a final draft of BLOODY WATERS to my editor at Possible Press, and now it’s all over but for final corrections. Should be in print late in the year. I don’t know what’s happening with the eBook version, but there will most certainly be one. Possible is a very new publisher and mine will be second cab off the rank for them, so please pardon the state of disarray.

The McBLACK ONE SHOT is still on track for midyear, although I may hold off on printing until Armageddon Melbourne in October. Depends on my travels as much as anything.

I have been writing a bunch of shorts and serials for comics. I don’t want to speak about them until I’m certain of what’s happening with publication, but I will drop some names: Bruce Mutard and Tom Bonin. I will also say that one of the ‘bits’ is a 5pp McBlack short, which is entirely separate from the one-shot or the sequel GN. Not sure when I will have more to announce about this.

Jose Pimienta and I have had a bit of a rethink about BUCKET OF GLASS and we’re making a lot of revisions, expanding and redoing some of the art before we pitch. I will post some here. Jose’s doing some great work an he has a great attitude, and I have high hopes for this book.

Paul Abstruse is turning in some killer pages for the urban fantasy/horror/police procedural pitch we are working on (working title is ZYCORAX). Many of you know Paul’s work from WITCH KING and other places, but I’m telling you now that he is really killing it on this one. If you’re on my facebook you’ve seen a couple of pages already. I’ll post some here once Paul finishes the double page spread he’s currently working on–I know you’ll be impressed.

I have now started working on the final draft of FAERIE APOCALYPSE. This is it–I’m going to work it through until it is ready to submit. No more delays.
I will be out of town through Wednesday. I’ll do my best to check in here as often as I can, but if I don’t get the chance–have a great weekend! Catch you next week.


— JF


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