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Draft Apocalypse

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 Finished the new draft of Faerie Apocalypse, with much sweat and consternation.I’ve cut a few thousand words, and I didn’t add many new ones. I could have cut more and I almost did, but in small amounts. Cuts that would I normally would have, whi…

10 Year Anniversary

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 It’s just over 10 years, now, since I sold my first short story.It’s been a rocky road since then. A couple years after that  I started splitting my attention between prose and comics, and, while perhaps that was a mistake, I think I’ve been…


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Folks,I’ve been watching a bunch of horror movies lately and I think it’s time to call a moratorium on certain tropes. Most horror films (and books and TV shows)  made over the last forty years employ at least one, and usually several of the follo…

Devil Dolls and Duplicates

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 Anthony Ferguson’s reprint anthology, DEVIL DOLLS AND DUPLICATES, is now available from Equilibrium books.This book contains horror stories by some of Australia’s finest genre fiction writers, including Sean Williams, Stephen Dedman, Lucy Su…

"Theatre of Conflict" workblog

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 Click the link to read a short essay I wrote for the BAF blog, about my postmodern Ozploitation fairytale "Theatre Of Conflict" (published last year in BAD ASS FAERIES III).– JF