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THE SIXSMITHS in Christchurch

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The Reverend Melmoth will be presenting a sermon, illustrated by Mike Athey, in Christchurch-based Funtime Comics’ DARKEST DAY earthquake benefit book.In keeping with the Reverend’s teachings, the book should be available at the Wellington Armageddon E…

Tres Reviews of THE SIXSMITHS

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Some new Sixsmiths reviews, courtesy of the following sites:Mapping the MultiverseAmazon.comLance’s Comic World (registration required)Folks, if you want to help us out and you’d care to post a review on Amazon or on, or the blog, re…

Big Arse Launch was really big

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 Well folks, the book launch was on Saturday and it was huge. I don’t think any of us expected it to be so big. I think we had something like 100 people through the doors at Eydies on Lygon St.Everything went off without a hitch. The books came, t…

More Sixsmiths reviews

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 Rod Lott at Bookgasm likes us (although he thinks we’re from the UK): Mathieu at Ich Liebe Comics comics digs us, too:…