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Big Arse Launch was really big

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 Well folks, the book launch was on Saturday and it was huge. I don’t think any of us expected it to be so big. I think we had something like 100 people through the doors at Eydies on Lygon St.Everything went off without a hitch. The books came, t…

Kagemono Kills

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First review of KAGEMONO: FLOWERS AND SKULLS, courtesy of Australia’s biggest horror and dark fiction review site, Scaryminds. guess they liked it. — JF


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 Couple of nice reviews courtesy of Scaryminds:KAGEMOMO: TOOTH AND CLAW (this was the 2009 book) gets a nice 8 stars: story ‘Singapore’ gets a special (if brief) mention in Scary’s review of Tom…


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, troglodytes and troglodettes, Blackglass Press is proud to announce the newest volume of Kagemono, Flowers and Skulls. Flowers and Skulls features 22 horror stories from the depths of space, the moshpit, the farmya…

KAGEMONO #2 reviewed at Scaryminds

  • by continues their Blackglass reviewfest with KAGEMONO #2, which they have given 9 stars:

"Kagemono #2 was just the right dose for an over wise rain drenched and miserable day; yes we do get them in Oz folks. I was once again highly impressed with Jason Franks writing, noted the deeper thoughts a number of the stories addressed, and grooved along to the artwork. There’s something subversive about Kagemono that kept me humming to Mr Franks’ beat."

Full review is here:

— JF