Greetings! It’s finally here! Don your black robes and light your torches, for the Sixsmiths vol.02 is finally available int he direct market! Chant the dark one’s hymns. Praise your allies and curse your enemies, for the time is NOW! to order a copy from your local comic store, either by forwarding them the link below or by citing Diamond code NOV161353. In stores April 26th. Orders due February 18th. Hail Satan! — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Nerdy Girl Express Review of The Sixsmiths volume 2

Another one from Kat at The Nerdy Girl Express, this time covering Sixsmiths volume 2! “Volume two of The Sixsmiths is very much a book about transitions as many characters find themselves setting out on new paths, including the vicar of the church himself.” Full review right here: The Sixsmiths Volume 2 @CaliberComics Review from @kleffnotes Hail Satan!       FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail

Nerdy Girl Express Review of The Sixsmiths

Just in time for Diamond Day is a brand new review of The Sixsmiths from Kat at The Nerdy Girl Express. “What makes this series so fun to read is that everything that happens just seems so normal. When I was trying to think of the best way to explain it I actually thought of the American television classic, Happy Days, but if Richie and his family had more tattoos and occasionally listened to death metal.” Read the full text here: Remember–the book will be in stores in January! Hail Satan! –JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


O, my wicked children, our time of dominion is nigh! The Sixsmiths vol.01 is listed in this months’ Previews catalogue, for distribution to comic stores world wide next January thanks to Caliber Comics. This is how it works: if you would like a copy, please go to your local comic store and request one, using the order code NOV161353, prior to November 20. You can view the listing here: Hail Satan! — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail