Year that was, year that will be

Mid December, huh? How did that happen? The year has flown by–but it’s not over yet. I had only a handful of  new publications this year, but most of them were pretty well received: The first issue of my comic series with Paul Abstruse LEFT HAND PATH #1, from Winter City Productions. “Metempsychosis”, a short horror story published in SQ MAG (clicky-clicky to read it online for free, yo). “The Third Alternative”, a short comic illustrated by Daniel Watts, published in Matt Kyme’s THAT ALL STAR BULLET PROOF KID anthology. Two Bloody Waters short stories, direct to Kindle for Possible Press: “Hellhound on My...

On The Sixsmiths

The Sixsmiths is probably the work that I am best known for. My first big sale to an international publisher, available for sale all around the world. Although J.Marc and I took a while to get around to it, the concept is pretty simple: a sitcom about a family of suburban Satanists. The book is labelled ‘horror’, but it’s pretty much a pure-bred comedy. Although it is most usually compared to the Addams Family, but we purposely tried to guide the book away from that. There is no supernatural element in the Sixsmiths, and we talk about the family’s religion...

Oz Comic Con

I will be at Oz Comic Con this weekend selling various awesome comics and GNs, including:

  • McBlack (including the new Two Shot, featuring art by Bruce Mutard, Luke Pickett, Rhys James and John Stewart);
  • Kagemono (featuring work by Justin Jordan, Russell Lissau, Marvin Mann, Chris Sequeira, Jan Scherpenhuizen; and many others), and
  • Terra Magazine

I’m almost out of The Sixsmiths but I will have a few copies–first come first served. Look for me in the Artist’s Alley, sharing table 80 with Gary Lau.

The show is going to be huge, chock full of amazing comics guests like Doug Holgate, tom Taylor, Dean Rankine, Paul Mason, Tristan Jones, Wayne Nichols, and some writer guy called Stan Lee. You better git over on over there or you’ll regret it for the rest of your days.

The Sixsmiths at Thirteen O’Clock

The fine lads at lassies at Thirteen O’Clock have reviewed The Sixsmiths.

The artwork is spare and simple, but consistent and effective. Once you get used to the style of art and storytelling, the two fit together very well. There are poignant moments and a good dose of comedy. It’s all very entertaining stuff.”

Click thee hence: