The new Blackglass Press KAGEMONO horror anthology is shaping up nicely; should be ready for print next month. The book will be an 84 page trade paperback featuring a cover by Nicholas Hunter and work by 12 indie creators: “Trauma Ward”, 8pp, by Percival Constantine and Carl Yonder “Yum yum, it’s the end!”, 5pp, by James Andres and Luke Pickett “The Devil’s Vintner”, 12pp, by Jason Franks and Renan L’Hopsum “Conspicuous Consumption”, 6pp, by Justin Jordan and Yuriko Sekine “The Smart Toilet”, 6pp, by Dino Caruso and Jeff Womack “Blood and Shadow”, 8pp, by Jason Franks and Yuriko Sekine “Seen...


Way behind and far too tired to go into any detail, but: Last week  received a contract for my short story “XDA Zai: The Wild Hunt”, which will be published in the ASSASSIN’S CANON anthology from Utility Fog Press. This story will be the first published appearance of X-Dimensional Assassin Zai, and it will also most likely be a chapter of the novel I am writing about his camera-toting adventures in travel and work-for-hire murder. More details as I have them. — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail


  I will be exhibiting at Supanova Sydney, Australia’s best known comics and pop culture show on June 26th-28th at the Melbourne Indie Scum table (booth c1).    I will have all kinds of cool stuff for sale: Blackglass Press comics, including KAGEMONO, some of JMarc’s 3RD BLADE minicomics, SIXSMITHS ashcans containing a chapter fop the GN that will not be published on the website.  I’ll also have a big pile of MCBLACK pages for all you eager motherfuckers to look at.  I’m sharing the space with the incorrigible Matt “Guzumo” Emery and the even-less-corrigible Brendan “Black Heart” Halyday.  If you’re in town come by and say hello! Look for me under the Blackglass...


 Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce my new webcomic/graphic novel project with my esteemed colleague, J. Marc Schmidt: www.thesixsmiths.com THE SIXSMITHS is a comedy/drama about a family of ordinary Satanists who have fallen on hard times. Thursday of every week, 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time.   JMarc and I are about halfway through the accompanying graphic novel as I write this; stay tuned for more info!  Hail Satan! — JF FacebookTwitterTumblrEmail